Welcome to Sweet Pea Boutique!


Thank you for visiting the site and please spread the word around.

I want to take a few minutes to introduce myself and why Sweet Pea Boutique is important to me.

My name is Nicole Ojong – I am married to a wonderful husband Fred Ojong and together we have a beautiful daughter Celine.


I am very passionate about fashion – I love every aspect of it. I love spending time looking at fashion: from difference designs, mix and match colors to hair, make-up and accessories. I have worked in many careers such as interior design, home staging and also graphic designs but eventually decided to be a stay at home mom. Now that my daughter is growing up, I want to show her dreams can and do come true. I decided to follow my life long goal of owning a fashion business.

And here we are – you are reading my story and visit my site. Again please spread the word around: invite your friends and family, share my site through social media.

I’m also just start blogging. You can also visit me on Instagram at simplemomfashion

Special thank you to my husband Fred – he has been very supportive of endeavors. And also to my family – you know who you are and how you’ve help me.

Again thank you for visiting my site – enjoy!